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Our most popular bus wash used by private and government entities across the globe.


The InterClean Hybrid Wash System is a drive-through wash system designed to use a combination of touchless cleaning for the front, top, rear, wheel and chassis with foam brushes for the sides. The brushes are in a fixed position and use a material that prevents scratching and damage to the bus.

Washes are designed for high throughput with wash times of 1-2 minutes, ensuring a steady flow of clean buses. The design of the stationary brushes combined with touchless cleaning eliminates the chance of equipment and vehicle collisions.

This system has all of the combined advantages of touchless and brush technologies and incorporates InterClean’s patented recycling technology to conserve water and reduce costs.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you clean the outside of a bus?2023-11-02T14:03:24-06:00

InterClean’s hybrid wash system is designed as a drive-through system, allowing buses to pass through the wash bay for cleaning. The system employs a combination of touchless and brush cleaning. High-pressure touchless cleaning power ensures the front, top, rear, wheel, and chassis of the bus are cleaned, while foam brushes clean the sides of the bus.

How does the hybrid bus wash system differ from other wash systems?2023-11-03T14:04:11-06:00

The hybrid wash system differs from other wash systems in the following ways:

  • Combination of cleaning methods: The hybrid wash system uniquely combines touchless cleaning with foam brushes to ensure comprehensive cleaning of all the different parts of the bus.
  • Drive-through wash system design: The system is designed as a drive-through, allowing buses to pass through the cleaning equipment, which is different from some systems where the equipment moves around a stationary vehicle.
  • High throughput efficiency: The hybrid system is optimized for high throughput, with wash times of just 1-2 minutes per bus. This ensures a steady flow of clean buses in a short amount of time, making it highly efficient for bus fleets.
  • Water recycling technology: The system can incorporate InterClean’s patented recycling technology, which not only conserves water but also reduces operational costs.
How long does it take to wash a bus using the hybrid wash system?2023-11-02T14:05:21-06:00

The hybrid wash system is designed to clean buses in 1-2 minutes.

What are the advantages of combining touchless and brush technologies?2023-11-02T14:05:53-06:00

There are a number of advantages to using a combination of touchless and brush technologies in a bus wash system:

  • The combination of touchless washing and brushes ensures that every part of the bus is washed effectively. Touchless methods can clean intricate or sensitive parts without physical contact, while brushes ensure a deep clean on surfaces that can handle and benefit from direct contact.
  • The combination is more thorough and ensures less time is spent washing vehicles.
  • The design of stationary brushes combined with touchless cleaning reduces the chance of damage to the vehicle.
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