Reducing the waste and consumption costs of water usage, our water recycling systems are leading in the industry.

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The Water Recycle Equipment developed and patented by lnterClean Equipment is unique from all other types of reclaim systems in that it is a passive system. Typical reclaim systems rely on purifying dirty water through multiple screens, meshes, sand, gravel, carbon, etc. Nearly all of these filters trap dirt inside which needs to be removed by back-washing, changing the filter or by other means. Unlike all other wash systems lnterClean’s filters will never plug and are maintenance free.

In addition to being maintenance free, the design of the InterClean water recycling systems guarantee a constant on demand water supply, capable of handling the high volumes of water required for heavy duty cleaning.

The system is capable of operating under the most demanding vehicle wash conditions and is designed to recycle and aerate the wash water. This ensures that the captured water in the lnterClean system does not develop any objectionable odors usually associated with recycle systems.

lnterClean’s unique and patented water recycling systems have been installed in conjunction with hundreds of various vehicle wash systems. The recycling systems installed at high volume car washes, military tank washes, train washes and manual heavy equipment washes are identical.