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Whether you require an automatic or manual vehicle wash, our heavy equipment & chassis wash systems are designed to do the job.


A match for any fleet of heavy equipment and heavy-duty vehicles, we offer automatic, manual washing solutions, or a combination of both. If you’re looking for a temporary or portable wash solution, our mining wash systems, construction equipment wash systems, and all other heavy equipment wash systems can be installed with portable wash pads to reduce construction costs and installation time.

All our wash systems are offered with patented water recycling modules, so you can cut down on wash water consumption and reduce the environmental footprint of your wash.

We have significant experience supplying and servicing wash systems for the mining, oilfield and construction industries. As Western Canada’s leading provider of heavy duty vehicle wash solutions, you can trust our expertise and superior wash equipment to get the job done.

At NoviClean, we offer industry-leading service for all of our wash systems. From design and installation to service and maintenance, you can expect dedicated support and prompt service for your heavy equipment wash solution.

Automatic Heavy Equipment

Manual Heavy Equipment


Focused on removing dirt, mud and debris, our fully automated heavy-duty vehicle wash solutions emphasize speed and efficiency while thoroughly washing equipment and vehicles. These systems are entirely customizable to accommodate vehicles and fleets of all sizes while achieving the ideal wash every time.

Using a combination of high-volume, low-pressure jets and high-pressure jets, our touchless, gantry and drive-through wash systems wash quickly and effectively. The wash system can be customized with a wide range of additional wash equipment such as an undercarriage wash and chassis cleaning, wheel washing, intensified side spray blasters or spinners, water recycling and effluent treatment, oil skimmers, and custom control interfaces.

An economical solution for the dirtiest applications. Our manual wash systems use low-pressure, high-volume and/or high-pressure, low-volume pumping systems for every application with recycled or fresh water to provide a continual stream of focused and intense water, greatly surpassing your standard pressure washer.

Our manual wash systems are a safe and effective alternative to standard pressure washers to clean heavy equipment before maintenance.

These manual wash systems can be designed with a water recycling module that allows you to save money and resources by using recycled water in your wash.

Wash your heavy-duty equipment efficiently and effectively with NoviClean’s innovative self-serve pressure wash system.

NoviClean’s self-serve pressure wash system provides unlimited performance with the lowest possible downtime by using high-quality industrial components and an intelligent compact design, allowing for adequate space for servicing. This system features foam brushes, a spot-free rinse, low-pressure presoak, and more to meet and exceed your washing needs.

Our self-serve systems are manufactured in our Calgary shop and are perfect for industrial facilities requiring heated or non-heated systems and controls.


We have significant experience supplying and servicing wash systems for the mining, oilfield and construction industries. We understand that time is money and our purpose-built heavy equipment packages clean vehicles quickly to reduce downtime and the cost of maintenance. We offer automatic, manual solutions, or a combination of both, with or without our patented water recycling system.


To reduce downtime, and the cost of maintenance, and to improve fuel efficiency, our heavy equipment and large vehicle wash systems are designed to clean vehicles quickly and effectively.

All our wash systems offer a unique ability to safely and effectively perform a chassis wash and tire wash of heavy equipment, whether it’s large mining trucks, specialized construction equipment, or any other piece of heavy equipment. In less than 5 minutes, remove build-up under your large vehicles fast and without exposing your staff to any hazards. Our effective wash solutions make your fleet of vehicles easy to inspect and maintain.

NoviClean will work with you to find the ideal vehicle wash system for your fleet. No matter the configuration, application, and size of your fleet, we’ll design a wash system that meets your needs and budget.


Are your vehicles, equipment, and employees tied up in inefficient wash programs that take hours? A purpose-built heavy-duty vehicle wash system can help free up labour and reduce vehicle downtime and maintenance.

We design wash systems for heavy and large equipment that works on the road or off-road. Our wash systems can handle even the most unique vehicles, the most demanding applications, and the harshest washing conditions. With our effective chassis wash systems, even the hard-to-clean underbody of any type of heavy vehicle is cleaned of build-up, dirt, and debris.


An effective, custom cleaning system can protect both your employees and vehicles.

Whether you’re looking for a fully-automatic wash system or a manual system, our vehicle washing solutions cut down the time your vehicles and employees spend in the wash bay. An effective, state-of-the-art wash system prevents damage to your expensive equipment, limits safety hazards to your employees, reduces cross-contamination, and makes vehicles and equipment easier to inspect and maintain.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best way to wash a truck?2023-08-27T10:11:12-06:00

The most convenient, efficient, and most of all, effective way to wash heavy-duty trucks or equipment is with NoviClean’s heavy equipment vehicle wash systems. The Heavy Equipment Wash Systems are designed to maximize efficiency and provide sustainable solutions to ensure you receive the highest quality wash for your small and large trucks and other equipment.

What is a chassis wash?2023-03-31T14:28:36-06:00

A chassis wash system helps eliminate contaminants, dirt, and mud on the undercarriage and chassis of your vehicles. Combining automated chassis wash equipment with manual or automatic cleaning systems reduces labour costs while improving worker ergonomics and extending vehicle lifespans. The chassis wash system is perfect for any fleet in the mining, military, or construction industries.

How much water does a truck wash use?2023-03-31T14:29:33-06:00

On average, trucks use between 20-500 gallons or more of water per wash, depending on the vehicle and the wash system. We understand the effects that wash water usage can have on the environment, which is why we can provide you with an innovative wash water recycling system. This system can be installed in conjunction with most of our wash systems and will help you recycle up to 100% of your wash water.

Is undercarriage wash bad?2023-08-27T10:12:02-06:00

No, it’s important that you clean the undercarriage and chassis of your vehicles. Leaving contaminants such as mud, dirt, salt, magnesium chloride, or corrosive road brine agents on the undercarriages of your vehicles can cause serious damage to the driveline and braking systems.

How often should you get an undercarriage wash?2023-08-27T10:12:26-06:00

You should clean the undercarriage of your vehicles as often as possible to significantly reduce weight, corrosion, and debris from falling off vehicles on roadways and to improve mechanical maintenance efficiency. This will prevent any major issues that may affect your vehicle over time.

How do you get dirt out of a truck frame?2022-02-09T14:24:49-07:00

There are a couple of ways that you can attempt to remove dirt and debris from your vehicle frame. The most effective way is to use chassis wash systems. These systems will help remove any contaminants from the truck’s undercarriage, chassis, and frame to ensure your vehicle is left in pristine condition.

How do you clean mud from a chassis frame?2023-08-27T10:12:47-06:00

The chassis wash system is the most efficient and effective solution when cleaning mud and debris from the chassis frame. The NoviClean chassis wash system is fast, efficient, and the best solution for preventing mud and other debris from spreading outside the job site and harming your vehicle.

How much would it cost to build a truck wash?2022-02-09T14:25:37-07:00

Building a truck wash varies in cost depending on what type of wash system you are looking for. If you are planning on building a truck wash, contact us! We will help you with design ideas specific to the application and an accurate quote on how much it will cost you to build.

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