Locally stationed technicians and inventoried parts to address your vehicle wash system service needs promptly.


NoviClean takes pride in our ability to service and fully maintain the large vehicle wash systems that we supply and install. Whether our customers are looking for ongoing service contracts, require an urgent call out for a downed system, or simply want to purchase parts to install themselves, we are the one-call solution.


Our team is committed to providing our customers with the right, long-term support they need for their car, heavy-duty vehicle, and truck wash equipment and wash systems. No matter the size, location, and specific application of your wash, we’ll set you up for success in the wash bay.

Whether you have a rollover gantry, drive-through, automatic heavy equipment, or manual wash system, our service offerings are as innovative and customizable as the wash systems we sell.

We don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all heavy-duty truck fleet and equipment washing solution. Our commitment to tailoring our wash solutions to the site and fleet-specific requirements of each customer extends far beyond the installation of our wash systems. NoviClean is your dedicated, one-call wash solution partner throughout the life of your wash system.


NoviClean has technicians stationed in Calgary and Edmonton for both on-call service and preventative maintenance on our car and truck wash equipment. Our technicians regularly visit sites all across Western Canada and the Northern Territories. We have fully equipped service vehicles with various parts, tools, and common wearable items.


NoviClean keeps a comprehensive inventory of parts locally in Calgary to significantly reduce your downtime in the event of an emergency. In addition to our warehoused inventory, our service vehicles are fully stocked with the most common items used in all of our vehicle wash systems – from truck wash systems and our other heavy-duty cleaning systems.


NoviClean partners with chemical manufacturers to supply our customers with industry-leading, biodegradable wash detergents. Our chemical suppliers have worked with wash equipment manufacturers for more than 25 years, and offer several chemicals that are specifically designed to work with InterClean’s truck wash equipment and heavy-duty vehicle wash solutions.

Whether you are looking for car wash soaps, heavy-duty degreasers, or anywhere in between, we can supply the right chemical for all demanding wash cycles to take your vehicle wash performance to the next level. The chemicals we supply are stocked in Alberta, ensuring quick delivery every time.


We design, supply, install, and service what we sell. Whether you have a truck wash, a bus wash, a wash for garbage or commercial trucks, or a pressure washer system, NoviClean offers preventative maintenance and provides on-call service to all of our valued customers. Like most mechanical systems, your wash equipment works best when it is regularly serviced and kept in good running condition. While all of our heavy-duty wash systems are reliable and require little maintenance, we can help you extend the life of your wash system with customized plans for service and preventative maintenance. 

Our vehicle wash parts and service and maintenance packages are tailored to your truck wash systems and needs, whether you’re looking for monthly, bi-annual, or yearly service. Keep your wash equipment running continually, and safely, and ensure your wash provides outstanding results to clean vehicles year after year.