NoviClean remains the go-to trusted partner for supplying and servicing bus wash equipment.


Our InterClean bus wash systems are fully automated and are easy to maintain, requiring little manpower to operate. All bus wash packages are designed and built starting from our three platforms: completely touchless systems, brush wash systems, or a combination of both. The InterClean bus wash systems are designed to work with the InterClean patented recycling module.

The best of both worlds, InterClean’s hybrid drive-through wash systems enables the driver to continuously drive through the bay while touchless and friction components wash the bus. As with all of our drive-through systems this keeps vehicles flowing to ensure efficiency and cost savings.

A bus driving through a bus wash system. A large public transit bus going through a bus wash system. The back of a bus going through a bus wash system.

The InterClean XJ bus wash system is a combination of high-pressure jets and brushes that clean the bus while the driver moves slowly through the bay. The XJ system can be configured to provide both touchless and friction cleaning on all sides of the bus.

Ideal for buses with challenging shapes (e.g. school buses). With a roll-over system the bus simply parks in the wash bay while jets, brushes, or a combination of both, do all the work. The system can be installed in conjunction with an initial undercarriage/de-mucking wash.

A sprinter van going through a large Ultra Roll Over Bus Wash. A large van going through the brushes in a Ultra Roll Over Bus Wash. A school bus going through an Ultra Roll Over Bus Wash.