Prepare your mining vehicles for maintenance with a manual or automatic heavy equipment wash system that effectively cleans all dirt, debris, and corrosives.


Mining vehicles work continuously in extreme conditions and accumulate a lot of dirt, mud, and other debris. To keep your mining vehicles in good working order, washing them regularly is necessary.

At NoviClean, our mining wash systems are designed with high water volume and low-pressure cleaning features that maximize wash efficiency without compromising on cleanliness, so you can get your mining vehicles back to work faster.

Our mining wash systems can effectively remove dirt and debris from a variety of mining vehicles, including:

  • Haul trucks

  • Wheel-Tractor Scrapers

  • Loaders

  • Water trucks

  • Bulldozers

  • Road-legal trucks

  • Excavators


Clean your passenger vehicles, road-legal trucks and tractor trailer units with our custom automatic wash system purpose-built for the mining industry. Focusing on removing caked-on mud, dirt, and debris, this heavy-duty wash system uses high-powered, high-pressure nozzles that clean your vehicles efficiently, so you can send them into maintenance and get them back to work quickly.

To accommodate all of your mining vehicle shapes and sizes, this heavy-duty system is entirely customizable to suit your needs. Customize your heavy-equipment wash system with additional features, including:

  • Wash water recycling system
  • Oil skimmers
  • Wheel, tire, and undercarriage wash
  • Control interfaces
  • Side towers
  • Water cannons (monitors)

Simply drive your vehicles through the wash bay and let our wash equipment do the rest.


Remove the most challenging caked-on dirt and debris from your bulldozers, excavators, water trucks, wheel loaders, and haul trucks with our robust manual heavy equipment wash system. This manual wash system uses high volumes of water with low-pressure monitors and hoses making it a safe and efficient alternative to standard pressure washers.

Strengthen the wash power of your manual heavy equipment wash system with the addition of quality features, including:

  • Wash Titan +Plus
  • Stationary water cannons (monitors)
  • WashMan fire hose
  • Oil skimmer
  • Chassis and de-muck system

Our manual wash system is the most economical option, designed for cleaning the dirtiest of mining vehicles.


Water is a valuable resource on mining sites. Our wash systems are compatible with water recycling modules that recycle and filter wash water. Although our heavy equipment systems use high volumes of water, you don’t have to worry about water consumption with the recycling system. The water recycling module can provide a constant stream of fresh water regardless of your location.

There are numerous benefits to using a water recycling system with your automatic and manual systems, including:

  • Does not require manual supervision
  • Produces 300 gallons of water per minute
  • Low operating costs
  • Allows for high water volume cleaning for mud removal

The water recycling system is a superior solution for wash systems, especially where water is scarce.


Thoroughly remove all dirt and contaminants from the wheels and undercarriage of your mining equipment with InterClean’s XR and XT-series washes. Specifically designed to provide enhanced cleaning, salt removal, and demucking of vehicle undercarriages, our wash systems are perfect for cleaning mining vehicles before exiting job sites, mines and quarries to prevent track-out and cross-contamination. InterClean has two different tire wash style series, the XT and XR.


The XT- Series tire wash packages are designed for track out control at job sites, mines, quarries and other high-traffic locations. The following are the two available systems within the XT series.

  • XT-40: Single tire revolution wash, capable of processing 40-60 vehicles per hour.

  • XT-80: Two tire revolution wash, capable of processing 60-120 vehicles per hour.


The XR series tire wash systems are designed for heavy-duty applications such as mining and quarries. The following are the three available systems within the XR series.

  • XR – 40: Single tire rotation.

  • XR – 80: Single tire revolution package, capable of processing 30-40 trucks per hour.

  • XR – 120: Two-tire revolution package, capable of processing 40-60+ trucks per hour.


As a leading wash equipment design, service, sales, and distribution company serving the heavy vehicle markets in Western and Northern Canada, you can trust NoviClean for all your mining wash system needs.


At NoviClean, it’s our mission to provide you with a wash system that effectively cleans your entire fleet. That’s why all of our systems are customizable to best suit the needs of your fleet and mining location.


We have representatives located in Western Canada that can assist you with your wash system needs. Our technicians will come to your site and install, maintain and service your wash systems.


Just like your mining fleet requires maintenance, your wash system does too. We offer customized service and preventative maintenance packages to extend the life of your wash system and keep it in good working order.


Whether your operations are in Western or Northern Canada, NoviClean has the regional expertise to overcome any geographical hurdles. When we assist you in designing your custom wash system, we keep location at the forefront to ensure you receive a system that works for your fleet and your mining site.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of volume and pressure do your wash systems spray?2024-04-18T11:55:31-06:00

Our wash systems spray up to 200GPM at 120PSI per monitor.

How long does it take to wash a haul truck?2024-04-18T11:56:06-06:00

Depending on the location of your operation and what you’re mining, it can take 6 to 12  hours to clean an entire haul truck with a standard pressure washer system. That’s why our manual wash system utilizes high volumes of wash water to power away at mud as quickly as possible and significantly cut down the wash time. 

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