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Unlike manual wash systems, our automatic wash equipment significantly reduces your labour expenditure and enhances the safety of your operation.


Traditional washing techniques can take 12+ hours to properly clean heavy equipment. At NoviClean, we understand the need to upgrade from traditional equipment washing processes to expedite the time spent cleaning your equipment. Our automatic heavy-duty vehicle wash system can complete a wash cycle in under five minutes.

NoviClean offers a range of wash solutions tailored for heavy machinery, entirely adaptable based on our customers’ requirements and site. Our most popular wash option is our automatic drive-through wash systems that enable rapid throughput washing. These drive-through systems are easy to operate as drivers simply proceed through the system, and the wash equipment does the rest.

A heavy water application at low pressure is the most effective approach to tackling the heavy buildup of dirt, mud, grime, and rocks. The water application allows the equipment to safely wash the vehicle without damaging your expensive equipment or putting your personnel at risk.

We offer many options to customize your automatic heavy equipment wash systems, including chassis wash additions, oil skimmers, intensified side blasters, and custom control interfaces.

Our automatic wash systems are available with InterClean’s patented water recycling systems to reduce water consumption.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to clean equipment with your automatic large vehicle wash systems?2023-11-21T08:01:48-07:00

Our automatic equipment wash system can wash equipment and vehicles in less than five minutes.

How does the automatic wash equipment improve labour efficiency?2023-11-21T08:02:15-07:00

The wash process is a lot quicker with an automatic wash system compared to manual wash systems. Not only does the automatic wash system reduce the labour costs associated with the time spent washing, but also equipment and operational downtime. Instead of spending hours washing equipment, drivers simply drive through the wash bay and let the equipment handle the washing.

Why is low water pressure preferred for heavy build-up?2023-11-21T08:10:19-07:00

Using low water pressure for heavy build-up ensures a gentle yet effective cleaning process. This method for heavy-duty vehicle washing preserves the equipment’s integrity, mitigates safety risks, and dislodges stubborn contaminants. 

Using a larger volume of water can be more effective in dislodging and removing stubborn dirt, rocks, mud, and grime. When combined with low pressure, this method ensures that contaminants are washed away without the force that might push them further into crevices. 

Low-pressure washing also minimizes splash-back, ensuring a consistent cleaning of the vehicle.

What chemicals are used in the automatic heavy equipment wash?2023-11-21T08:04:03-07:00

Our automatic wash solutions use high-quality, biodegradable wash detergents from industry-leading chemical manufacturers. Get in touch to learn more about the wash detergents we offer.

Are your automatic heavy equipment wash systems environmentally friendly?2023-11-21T08:04:28-07:00

Yes, our automatic wash systems are available with InterClean’s patented water recycling systems to reduce water usage and waste.

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