Revolutionize your car washing experience with an industry-leading automatic car wash system from Tammermatic.


Experience the clean world of Tammermatic! As one of the most innovative car wash pioneers with decades of experience in the car wash industry, this high-tech company provides some of the most revolutionary vehicle wash systems on the market. NoviClean is proud to be a Canadian authorized distributor of Tammermatic’s T700 automatic car wash system, helping our clients transform and revitalize their car wash businesses.


The shining star of Tammermatic’s car wash division, the ultra-modern T700 series offers automatic car washing capabilities like you’ve never seen before. T700 machines not only feature incredibly fast wash cycles but also superior wash quality to help you boost customer satisfaction and increase your profitability.

All T700 series machines combine high-pressure wash programs with advanced wheel wash technology and soft-touch brush wash methods to deliver outstanding results. The soft foam brush option can be used as a power-polish upgrade with polish wax for a fully automated buff-shine finish. Additionally, the systems can be programmed with up to 30 different wash programs through a convenient user interface that can be operated locally or remote-controlled.


  • System choices of touchless, soft-touch foam brushes, or a combination of both
  • Advanced wheel washing options 

  • Customizable washing programs

  • Vehicle shape recognition program

  • Remote or onsite chemical concentration and consumption adjustment through the wash controller



With experience developing best-in-class wash systems for a variety of applications, Tammermatic is prepared to tailor your automatic car wash system based on your unique needs and local conditions. Choose from a wide range of accessories and options and we’ll work with Tammermatic to create your perfect car washing solution.

Additionally, wash chemical usage can be tailored to your current conditions to help you better serve your customers.


When it comes to washing their cars, your customers have extensive needs that vary from person to person. So, why not provide them with a wide range of options? One of the best ways to add additional cash flow opportunities to your car wash business is to provide additional services. With multiple additional options, Tammermatic wash systems can help you ensure a profitable washing service, wash after wash.


Wash efficiency is one of the key points of customer satisfaction. That’s why Tammermatic has invested in delivering some of the most efficient high-pressure wash programs on the market. With five simultaneous operations, multiple brushes and nozzles operate at the same time to help you increase your wash system output and profitability while keeping your customers happy.


Excellent uptime, superior quality, unmatched performance, and optimal results. When you invest in a high-quality solution like Tammermatic’s T700 car wash system, the benefits of state-of-the-art technology become exceptionally clear. Not only does this system offer a much safer method for cleaning your customers’ cars, but it also delivers optimal performance like you’ve never experienced before.

In order to keep your advanced equipment operating at its best, NoviClean can provide you with better support through our routine maintenance or proactive maintenance packages.

Frequently Asked Questions

What safety features does a Tammermatic wash system have?2022-05-17T15:56:09-06:00

The Tammermatic wash system has a variety of advanced safety features to ensure your fleet and drivers are safe at all times:

  • Vehicle shape recognition to minimize vehicle damage
  • LED signal lights that are visible in the daytime 
  • Continuous video recording of current and previous 10 wash cycles for diagnostics and wash bay activity
  • Safety bars to stop oversized vehicles from entering the bay and more!
Are Tammermatic wash systems customizable?2022-05-17T15:55:40-06:00

Yes! In order to accommodate different vehicles that require different wash solutions, this system has various customization options available based on your unique needs and local conditions. Contact your wash system product experts and choose from a wide range of accessories, height options up to 110”, chemicals, and other customizations for your Tammermatic system.

What’s the difference between a Tammermatic wash system and a regular car wash system?2022-05-17T15:55:18-06:00

The T700 Tammermatic series is highly-advanced compared to a regular car wash system. Here are some features of a Tammermatic wash system that you may not find in a regular car wash system: 

  • Online factory support and diagnostics 
  • System choices of touchless, soft-touch foam brush, or a combination of both
  • Automatic detail polishing upgrade
  • Wash system height options to wash vehicles up to 2.8m or 110” tall 
  • 30 different washing programs
  • Remotely adjustable wash programs and wash chemical quantities
  • Unique vehicle shape recognition system
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