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Economic and robust, our manual heavy equipment wash systems are designed to tackle the dirtiest jobs.


The InterClean WashMan system is a fast and low-cost solution that is ideal for cleaning heavy-duty vehicles prior to maintenance.

The most common combination of equipment is manual high-volume monitors and fire hoses, but the exact design and makeup of the equipment package depends on the customer’s cleaning needs. Using high-volumes of water and low pressure is a safe and efficient alternative to standard pressure washers for removing buildup of dirt and debris off large areas of the vehicles.

Many additional features can be added to the standard WashMan system. These include a Titan Pressure Washer, automatic chassis and de-muck system, oil skimmer, and a variety of sprayer upgrades. All of our manual wash systems are capable of working in conjunction with InterClean’s patented water recycling system.

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes the InterClean WashMan system an ideal choice for cleaning heavy-duty vehicles?2023-11-21T09:14:31-07:00
  • Customizable equipment: The wash equipment system can be customized according to your specific heavy-duty vehicle cleaning needs. 
  • Safe and efficient cleaning technique: By using high volumes of water and low pressure, the WashMan system provides an alternative that’s both safe and efficient compared to standard pressure washers. This method is particularly effective for removing dirt and debris buildup on expansive surfaces of heavy-duty vehicles.
  • Enhanced features: The standard WashMan system can be enhanced with many additional features. Options include a Titan Pressure Washer, an automatic chassis and de-muck system, an oil skimmer, and various sprayer upgrades. These additional features allow for a more comprehensive cleaning experience tailored to various needs.
  • Water recycling: All InterClean manual wash systems, including the WashMan, are compatible with InterClean’s patented water recycling system. This not only conserves water but also promotes environmentally friendly cleaning practices.
What are the advantages of using high volumes of water and low pressure for cleaning large vehicles?2023-11-21T09:15:10-07:00
  • High volumes of water can cover larger areas quickly and help in lifting and flushing away dirt, grime, and debris from the vehicle’s surface. The water’s flow can dislodge contaminants effectively without needing excessive force.
  • Low-pressure cleaning reduces the risk of damage to the vehicle’s paint, finishes, and sensitive components, preserving its appearance and structural integrity.
  • While it might seem counterintuitive, using a high volume of water at low pressure can be more efficient than using a high-pressure system. High-pressure systems often scatter water, causing wastage, whereas a controlled high-volume flow can be directed precisely where needed, ensuring efficient use.
  • Low pressure means there’s less chance of water splashing back toward the operator, making the cleaning process safer and less messy.
  • Equipment used at lower pressures tends to experience less wear and tear over time, potentially extending the lifespan of the cleaning apparatus and reducing maintenance costs.
Are your manual heavy equipment wash systems environmentally friendly?2023-11-21T09:15:36-07:00

Yes, our manual wash systems can work in conjunction with InterClean’s patented water recycling system, which ensures reduced water usage and waste. 

What is the expected lifespan of manual heavy equipment wash systems?2023-11-21T09:16:00-07:00

Many factors will determine the lifespan of a manual heavy equipment wash system, including usage, maintenance, build quality, and environmental conditions. Typically, regular maintenance and proper usage can extend the life of these wash systems. At NoviClean, we take pride in helping our customers preserve the lifespan of their wash equipment by providing maintenance and repair services to all the large vehicle wash systems that we supply and install. Contact us to learn more!

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