Ensure high-quality results and high-speed wash cycles with innovative automatic car wash systems from Oasis.


Offering some of the fastest wash cycles in the industry, it’s no question that Oasis automatic car wash systems are in a class of their own. Choose from our diverse range of Oasis car wash product lines, each with its own unique benefits, but all with the same great quality that customers across the world have come to expect. At NoviClean, we care about providing our customers with the most innovative wash systems available. That’s why we’re proud to be an authorized distributor of the following Oasis car wash systems in Canada.


With its compact design, labour-free operation, and wash cycles under 2 minutes, the Oasis BayWash i5 is a fantastic option for many customers. This automatic car wash system features 5 brushes, 3 blowers, and a high-pressure wheel blaster, allowing the system to clean and dry cars at this impressive speed. The BayWash i5 is a particularly great option for those looking to upgrade an outdated conveyorized tunnel system with a more efficient and less labour-intensive model.


  • New short bay program

  • Touch free interface

  • Tunnel Clean Technology


Combining the best parts of in-bay automatic and express tunnel systems, the Oasis Eclipse car wash system is specifically designed to help you make more money. The system is not only capable of washing and drying 40 cars per hour, but it also allows for 24/7 unattended operation. Additionally, this system is known for being particularly eco-friendly and can help you reduce your water and utility requirements.


  • Smart technology for any vehicle size

  • 5-year warranty 

  • Customer-friendly open design 

  • Eco-friendly with Eco-Wash 

  • Unattended operation 24/7 

  • Increased dryer passages


Double your income with a single automatic wash system, thanks to the Oasis Typhoon. Just like the Eclipse, this automatic car wash system is also capable of washing 40 cars per hour so you can increase the profitability of your car wash business. This system also comes with an environmentally friendly package to help you reduce your environmental impact and offers superior versatility and reliability.


  • TyphoonTM smart technology 

  • Highly efficient chemical delivery system 

  • Hydraulically powered TyphoonTM gear drive system 

  • 5-year limited warranty


No shortcuts were taken in the design of the Oasis XP automatic car wash system. This touch-free in-bay automatic system washes three sides of a vehicle simultaneously to help you increase your wash capacity. Additionally, the system comes with an in-bay “XPert” to keep you informed about unusual activity and troubleshoot any issues.


  • Eco-friendly with Eco-Wash 

  • Smart technology for any vehicle size

  • Computer-controlled onboard rocker panel blasters and underbody wash

  • 5-year limited warranty



When you own and operate a car wash, efficiency is key to keeping your customers happy and increasing your revenue. With Oasis products, you can take advantage of some of the fastest wash cycles possible to significantly increase your throughput.


The more cars you’re able to wash, the more money you’re able to make. With the incredibly high-speed wash programs associated with Oasis automatic car wash systems, you have the potential to double or triple your income. Additionally, many of the systems offer extra services to further increase your revenue potential.


Across the globe, Oasis is recognized for its incredibly reliable car wash equipment. For many of their systems, Oasis offers a 5-year warranty to give customers an added level of confidence when investing in their equipment. NoviClean is also there to provide you with the ongoing support you need to keep your Oasis system operating at its best.


All Oasis automatic car wash systems come standard with an environmentally friendly package to help operators reduce water and energy usage. In addition to helping you reduce your environmental impact, Oasis’ water reclamation system is also beneficial for helping customers meet regulatory requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

What sets Oasis automatic car wash systems apart from other car wash systems on the market?2023-11-20T08:51:15-07:00

Oasis automatic car wash systems offer industry-leading, high-speed wash cycles and a diverse product range. These efficient car wash systems not only enhance throughput but also significantly boost revenue potential for your business. Globally recognized for reliability, many Oasis products come with a five-year warranty. Additionally, their advanced technological features and eco-friendly solutions reduce both water and energy usage, aiding your car wash business in meeting environmental regulations.

How do Oasis car wash systems contribute to increased efficiency in car wash operations?2023-11-20T08:51:50-07:00

Oasis car wash systems are designed to boost car throughput in several ways:

  • High-speed wash cycles: Oasis systems boast some of the fastest wash cycles in the industry. For example, the BayWash i5 has wash cycles under two minutes, allowing for rapid servicing and higher throughput.
  • Innovative designs: Systems like the BayWash i5 offer a compact design with labour-free operation, reducing manual intervention and ensuring swift car wash processes.
  • Advanced technology: Integrating advanced technologies, such as Typhoon™ smart technology and computer-controlled onboard systems in the Oasis XP model, ensures precision and speed in the washing process.
  • 24/7 unattended operation: With models like the Oasis Eclipse, car washes can operate continuously, increasing the number of cars serviced without additional staffing needs.
  • Increased throughput: The faster wash programs associated with Oasis systems mean that more cars can be washed in less time, streamlining operations and maximizing the number of customers served.
How do Oasis car wash systems help car wash businesses increase their revenue potential?2023-11-20T08:52:10-07:00

Oasis car wash systems offer industry-leading high-speed wash cycles to allow for greater vehicle throughput. Systems like the BayWash i5 and the Oasis Typhoon can wash a significant number of cars per hour, effectively doubling or tripling your income. Many Oasis models also offer extra services that enhance the customer experience, further amplifying your revenue opportunities. Their combination of speed, efficiency, and value-added features provides your car wash business with a competitive edge in the market.

Is the Oasis car wash system environmentally friendly?2023-11-20T08:52:33-07:00

Yes, all Oasis automatic car wash systems come standard with an environmentally friendly package so you can reduce water and energy usage.

What detergents are used in Oasis car wash systems?2023-11-20T08:52:52-07:00

At NoviClean, we work with industry-leading chemical manufacturers to provide the highest quality biodegradable detergents for our wash systems. Contact us to learn more about the detergents for your wash system.

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