State-of-the-art aircraft wash systems ensure thorough, safe, and efficient aircraft cleaning for public, private, and military applications.


Deployed climate, operating environment, storage location, age, and construction materials are all risk factors for aircraft corrosion. Once it begins, surface corrosion is costly to repair and shortens the lifetime of the plane or helicopter. If not caught in time, surface oxidation weakens structural integrity and can become compromised, making the craft unreliable, even dangerous, to fly.

In addition to regular painting and maintenance, adhering to a routine wash schedule can help ward off corrosion and preserve the lifespan of an aircraft. Using a wet wash system to regularly rinse off all the caustic substances, abrasive particles, and harsh elements that routinely stick and build up on painted surfaces helps prevent long-lasting damage.

NoviClean uses the latest technology and aircraft wash equipment designed by InterClean that automates the wash and water recycling processes for fixed-wing and rotary aircraft washing systems. Our touchless manual and automatic airplane wash systems use spray nozzles and pumping systems designed for specific aircraft to safely and efficiently wash and rinse contaminants and corrosive debris.

Our aircraft wash systems are ideal for several applications, including:

  • Private Jets
  • Passenger Airliner
  • Cargo Planes
  • Military Aircraft
  • Helicopters
  • Rotorcraft
  • Tiltrotor
  • Fixed Wing

Clear Water Rinse System (CWRS)

Designed specifically to meet the highest aircraft specifications for functionality, this high–volume, low-pressure wet washing system recycles approximately 80% of the wash water used during the rinsing process. Additional features of this plane wash system include:

  • Continual monitoring of recycled water for salinity and other contaminants
  • Wash water filtration system
  • Automatic disposal of contaminated wastewater and replacement of fresh water
  • Effective corrosion control
  • High-volume monitors and undercarriage spray nozzles

This aircraft wash system is ideal for cleaning and mitigating aircraft corrosion on large aircraft surfaces, including the leading edges, flaps, underbelly, and landing gear.



At NoviClean, we are committed to sustainable design concepts that reduce the environmental impact of our aircraft wash systems. By collecting and recycling rinse water, our wash systems greatly reduce the amount of water used without compromising on effective aircraft cleaning power.


We combine state-of-the-art technology with years of experience in the heavy-duty vehicle washing industry to provide the best aircraft washing solutions for our customers. All airplane wash systems are custom-designed by an experienced team of engineers and are guaranteed to meet your specific needs.


To continue operating at peak performance, both manual and automatic aircraft wash systems need regular maintenance. As specialized InterClean distributors, we are highly skilled in aircraft wash system service, maintenance, and repairs for onsite visits when you need them. We also offer replacement parts for all InterClean aircraft wash systems.


Aircraft wash specifications and requirements vary depending on aircraft type, physical site location, and objectives. That’s why our aircraft wash systems are custom–designed to meet the unique needs of our customers. We can work together to create the most effective aircraft exterior wash solution for you.