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Whether you’re looking for an automatic car wash system, a self-serve car wash system, or a car wash payment system, we offer superior car wash solutions to help you increase your profitability and customer satisfaction.


Offering a unique, new car wash concept, our car wash machines are designed to provide superior wash quality and speed – the key factors in customer satisfaction. NoviClean’s sales team will work to deliver customer-specific solutions that are tailored to your car wash needs, improving your bottom line while delivering exceptional washing results. Take a look at our fantastic range of car wash innovations below and maximize your new car wash investment today.

Automatic Car Wash Systems

Self-Serve Car Wash System

Car Wash Payment Systems



Made by Tammermatic or Oasis, our automatic car wash equipment is designed with cutting-edge wash technology that is unparalleled in the car wash industry.

The T700 from Tammermatic offers a combination of an effective high-pressure wash, thorough wheel wash, and soft foam brushes to maximize cleaning performance. Our Oasis product lines offer customers the opportunity to choose between touchless car wash options or a design featuring soft-touch brushes to deliver some of the fastest wash cycles.


Manufactured in our Calgary facility.

NoviClean’s self-serve wash systems are manufactured with high-quality industrial components and innovative technological advancements to provide unlimited performance with the lowest possible downtime. These systems are the perfect fit for commercial and industrial facilities requiring heated or non-heated pressure washer systems and controls.


Payment system offerings include tap credit and debit card, credit card swipe, fleet cards, cash, and coin.

These payment systems allow you to earn extra service revenue by adding additional payment options to your automatic systems or self-serve bays. Both product lines feature simple installation, easy operation, count-up features, and more. Choose between basic or advanced touchscreen models, depending on your needs and business model.



From wash to rinse, experience superior car washing results, no matter the vehicle shape or location of your car wash. Our innovative car wash technology allows you to take your existing car wash business to the next level. Each car wash system can be customized to each site for cost-effective and high-quality wash results. Our team at NoviClean will work with you to design a car wash system that meets your needs and budget and helps you stand out from your competition.


NoviClean also partners with leading chemical manufacturers to supply our car wash customers with effective, biodegradable vehicle wash detergents. The detergents are locally stocked to ensure quick delivery to our customers.


Our team offers support to each of our customers throughout the life of their car wash system. NoviClean is a dedicated service partner, and we are committed to ensuring our customers’ wash system keeps running smoothly and effectively. Whether you need replacement parts or components, service and preventative maintenance packages, or have an urgent service call, NoviClean is your full service, one-call solution.


Just like our truck wash systems, all car washes can be designed with a water recycling system to reduce the costs and environmental footprint of each wash. Our water recycling modules and produce a constant supply of water that can keep up with a high volume, professional car wash.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you maintain a car wash?2022-04-08T01:59:14-06:00

When maintaining a car wash, the most important thing is to ensure that you are doing frequent maintenance check-ups. This will help you find any potential issues and better help you service them right away. At NoviClean, we have expert technicians who can service and fully maintain your NoviClean wash system. NoviClean’s technicians are also able to assist with training your staff on preventative maintenance as part of NoviClean-supplied preventative maintenance visits. Whether you’re interested in ongoing service, need urgent assistance or have any questions about your wash system maintenance, contact us!

Is owning a car wash a good investment?2022-03-30T05:15:22-06:00

Typically, the advantage of investing in a car wash is the predictable, recurring revenue and the opportunity to offer service add-ons. Depending on how large you want to scale your car wash business, it can yield a good return on investment.

What equipment does a car wash need?2022-03-30T05:14:33-06:00

NoviClean has a variety of wash equipment that you can choose from with additional service support to help you set up your wash bays. Choose from one of the following systems, and we can customize the equipment package based on your unique needs: 

How much does an automated car wash cost?2022-03-30T05:14:27-06:00

The cost of a car wash will depend on your particular specifications and the equipment you are looking for. For example, an automatic in-bay roll-over car wash system typically ranges between $120,000-$320,000 CAD per bay, depending on system selection and options. If you’re looking for a detailed consultation, contact our wash system product experts!

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