Whether you’re looking for a touchless car wash system, a system with brushes, or a combination of both, we offer superior automatic car wash solutions.

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Offering a unique, new car wash concept, our T700 fully automated car wash machines are designed to provide superior wash quality and speed – the key factors in customer satisfaction. NoviClean’s sales team will work to deliver customer-specific solutions that are tailored to your car wash needs, increasing revenue and profit while delivering exceptional washing results.

Made by Tammermatic, our automatic car wash equipment is designed with cutting-edge wash technology that is unparalleled in the car wash industry. Our easy-to-operate car wash equipment recognizes vehicle shapes to accommodate all sizes and shapes of vehicles, while still delivering the perfect clean. The T700 offers a combination of an effective high-pressure wash, thorough wheel wash, and soft foam brushes to maximize cleaning performance.

Each car wash system can be programmed with up to 30 different wash programs through a convenient user interface that can be operated locally or remote-controlled. The innovative remote control software enables enhanced preventative maintenance that can anticipate the replacement of spare parts to prevent any downtime. If an issue should occur, the maintenance team can access the system remotely to diagnose the cause and quickly find a solution.

NoviClean offers a variety of effective, biodegradable wash chemicals to further enhance the performance of the T700 car wash system.



Superior car washing results, no matter the vehicle shape and the location of your car wash. The innovative car wash technology allows you to take your car wash business to the next level. The car wash system programs can be customized to each site and each vehicle, for cost-effective and high-end wash results.

Our team at NoviClean will work with you to design a car wash system that meets your needs and budget. Whether you’re looking for a touch-free car wash system, a system that uses soft-touch foam brushes, or a combination of the two, our automatic car wash packages are built to make your wash stand out from your competition.


Increase your wash capacity and offer your customers a wide range of value-adding services such as tire polishing and waxing. The fast and effective car washing programs increase the car wash capacity and boost the profits of car wash operators. Wash chemical dosages are easily adjusted to save money on detergents while maintaining high-quality car washes.

Our team offers support to each of our customers throughout the life of their car wash system. NoviClean is a dedicated service partner and we are committed to ensuring our customers’ wash system keeps running smoothly and effectively. Whether you need replacement parts, a service and preventative maintenance package, or have an urgent service call, NoviClean is your full-service, one-call solution.


Just like our truck wash systems, all car washes can be designed with a water recycling system to reduce the costs and environmental footprint of each wash. Our water recycling modules are maintenance-free produce a constant supply of water that can keep up with a high volume, professional car wash.

NoviClean partners with leading chemical manufacturers to supply our car wash customers with effective, biodegradable vehicle wash detergents. The detergents are locally stocked to ensure quick delivery to our customers.