We’re serious about vehicle washes

As a leading distributor and manufacturer of vehicle wash systems in the heavy-duty vehicle and car wash industry, NoviClean has the expertise and experience to guarantee both exceptional and environmentally sustainable results for your next project.


NoviClean manufactures customized self-serve vehicle wash equipment and is an authorized distributor of the most advanced vehicle wash equipment from leading manufacturers, including InterClean, Oasis, and Tammermatic. With over 70 existing sites across North America, we focus on providing large vehicle and car wash equipment with innovative designs for cars, specialized vehicles, large vehicles, and fleets with heavy-duty wash requirements. From our innovative car wash equipment to our heavy-duty wash systems, we maintain the highest quality standard and use the best materials and wash technology. It’s our mission to meet our customers’ unique needs, delivering unbeatable customer service, and helping them reduce maintenance costs and ensure reliable operations.


It’s possible to recycle up to 100% of the water used in our wash systems. Using InterClean’s patented water recycling modules in your wash is both easy on the environment and easy on the budget. NoviClean offers water recycling modules with all of our systems, allowing them to clean vehicles with less water and reduced costs. Improve the sustainability of your vehicle washes today.



How NoviClean helped Sysco keep their brand squeaky clean


As a leading distributor and manufacturer of heavy-duty vehicle and car wash systems, we are deeply committed to pioneering vehicle wash advancements. Our dedication lies in crafting, installing, and maintaining the most efficient vehicle wash solutions for our valued customers across North America. We focus on environmentally sustainable, manual and automated wash systems for both cars and heavy equipment.

No matter the application, NoviClean is passionate about designing vehicle wash systems that offer durability, guarantee great results, and get the job done for our customers, day in and day out. From design and installation to preventative maintenance and service, we’re committed to a long-lasting partnership with our customers.

After installation, we provide a range of service offerings such as biodegradable detergents, service and maintenance packages, and a local inventory of washing equipment parts. At NoviClean, our unmatched wash expertise keeps your wash system working for you longer, so you can focus on getting your clean vehicles back to work.