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Our fastest complete truck wash option keeps things rolling while ensuring your trucks come out clean.


Our customized systems can accommodate trucks of all sizes, from big to small we can provide a drive-through wash that works. Drive-through systems provide the quickest wash cycles and allow drivers to simply drive their vehicle through the wash, enabling them to completely control the pace of wash.

NoviClean supplies advanced wash systems that provide the ultimate cleaning experience for all kinds of trucks. Through the entire process, from pre-wash to rinse, we utilize an array of high-pressure, high-powered delivery methods to keep your trucks clean. The heavy-duty nature of these systems are designed to tackle dirt, mud, salt, and other corrosives quickly and efficiently.

The InterClean drive-through wash systems we distribute come with an optional patented recycling module, capable of recycling up to 100% of the wash water.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the drive-through truck wash typically take?2023-11-20T09:02:52-07:00

The drive-through vehicle wash system is built for the quickest wash cycles and takes less than five minutes to clean vehicles.

Can the system accommodate oversized or unusual-shaped trucks?2023-11-20T09:03:18-07:00

Yes, the drive-through truck washing system is highly customizable and can be built to fit trucks of all shapes and sizes, including commercial trucks, municipal vehicles, and other heavy-duty trucks.

What wash detergents are used in the drive-through truck wash system?2023-11-20T09:04:14-07:00

NoviClean partners with industry-leading chemical manufacturers to provide high-quality biodegradable detergents for our drive-through wash systems. Get in touch to learn more about our detergents.

How much does a drive-through truck wash system cost?2023-11-20T09:04:37-07:00

The cost of building a drive-through truck wash system varies depending on the features you require for your system and facility. If you are planning on building a truck wash, contact us! We will help you with design ideas specific to your application, facility, and location, and provide an accurate quote on how much it will cost to build.

What are the benefits of the patented recycling module?2023-12-07T09:15:04-07:00

The InterClean drive-through wash systems have an optional patented recycling module that offers numerous benefits:

  • The system can recycle up to 100% of the wash water, making your wash systems environmentally friendly and cost-effective.
  • Unlike traditional recycling modules for large vehicle wash systems that rely on paper and cloth filters (which can clog and require regular maintenance), the InterClean system uses stainless steel intake filters, which require minimal upkeep.
  • With capabilities ranging up to 1,250 l/m or more, the system ensures a constant supply of on-demand recycled water 24/7.
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