How NoviClean Helped Cold Lake Car Wash Impress Their Customers

Heavy duty brushes give an intense clean

About Cold Lake Car Wash

Cold Lake Car Wash is a new car wash company eager to provide professional, efficient and effective wash solutions to their customers in Cold Lake, Alberta.

The Challenge

With a previous background in the hospitality industry, the owners had no previous car wash experience. They knew they wanted to offer both manual and automatic wash options but they needed guidance on the specific car wash equipment and technology required to deliver valuable car wash solutions that satisfied both their customers and their bottom line.


With extensive experience delivering state-of-the-art car wash systems to customers across Canada, NoviClean was Cold Lake Car Wash’s top choice to supply their first car wash systems. Upon understanding Cold Lake Car Wash and their specific needs, NoviClean got to work designing, delivering, and installing wash systems that met their goals and exceeded their customers’ expectations.

The Solution

NoviClean delivered two automatic T700 combo machines offering friction and touchless cleaning solutions, and five bays with manual self-serve car wash equipment. The manual systems were NoviClean’s in-house made-to-order self-serve wash systems while the T700 combo machine was ordered according to Cold Lake Car Wash’s unique specifications.
Their T700 machines feature:

  • High-pressure wash

  • Wheel wash

  • 30 different wash programs

Both Cold Lake Car Wash’s automatic and manual car wash machines are designed to provide superior wash quality and speed through the use of state-of-the-art technology.

The Results

With NoviClean’s help, Cold Lake Car Wash can now provide its customers with industry-leading manual or automatic car washes and outstanding wash results. Besides customer satisfaction, the systems also offer an extra polishing option that boosts Cold Lake Car Wash’s profits. 12% of Cold Lake Car Wash customers upgrade their car wash with the most expensive polishing option, increasing the average income per wash and improving Cold Lake Car Wash’s bottom line.