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InterClean Water Recycling

The Water Recycle Equipment developed and patented by lnterClean Equipment is unique from all other types of reclaim systems in that it is a passive system. This means it does not rely on multiple mechanical filter media’s that are prone to clogging. Typical reclaim systems rely on purifying dirty water through multiple screens, meshes, sand, gravel, carbon, etc. Nearly all of these filters trap dirt inside and the trapped dirt needs to be removed by back-washing, changing filter or by other means. Most of these filters are extremely impractical for heavy duty washing where large amount of dirt is being removed. Unlike all other wash systems lnterClean recycle filters will never plug and are totally maintenance free.

The system is capable of operating under the most demanding vehicle wash conditions such as recycling water used to wash garbage trucks.

Each water recycling module is capable of producing up to 300 GPM (1,250 l/m) of recycled water continuously. The system is designed to recycle and aerate the wash water automatically, without the need to change filters. The constant exchange of water between the entrance end and the exit end of the pit keeps aerated water always moving throughout the system. This guarantees that the captured water in the lnterClean system does not develop any objectionable odors usually associated with recycle systems.

lnterClean recycle system also adds enzymes (live bacteria and accelerators) to the recycled water. This Enzyme-Catalyzed Water Treatment System has proven to greatly reduce oils, greases, and other organic wastes loading in the re-cycled water. This procedure is the same as any municipal wastewater treatment plan utilizes. It also addresses a major issue in meeting regulations for discharge to sanitary sewer.

To achieve recycled water volumes over 300 GPM, multiple modules can be used in parallel. As an example, the 1200 GPM necessary to wash military tanks is achieved by drawing on four water recycling modules.

lnterClean’s unique and patented water recycling system works extremely well and has been installed in hundreds of various automatic vehicle wash systems. The recycle systems installed at ultra-high volume car wash, military tank wash, train wash or manual Caterpillar and heavy equipment wash are identical.

The module is pre-wired, pre-plumbed, and mounted on a skid. The unit’s dimensions make it suitable for shipping in standard road trailers or in high cube 40-foot ocean freight trailers.

The system has its own electrical panel, including a slave PCL that controls all system internal functions, such as liquid level monitoring and adjustments. The system allows modem hook-up for remote control and troubleshooting.

Dimensions: 60” wide, 60”long, 102” high (150 cm, 150 cm, 260 cm)

Recycling capacity: 300 GPM (1,250 l/m) continuously

High-pressure capacity: 50- 300 GPM (200- 1,250 l/m) continuously


NoviClean has successfully installed more than 100 water recycling systems in Western Canada and the United States.

Key projects include:


  • City of Edmonton
  • City of Calgary
  • BC Transit
  • Gibson Energy
  • Teck Coal


  • LA Metro
  • BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit)
  • Freeport-McMoRan
  • Newmont Mining
  • US Marines