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Clewer Water Treatment

Our partnership with Clewer enables us to offer Clewer’s patented Rotating Bed Biofilm Reactor technology (RBBR).

Combined with a flotation unit, solids are separated from the water, most of which can be recycled back to the washing system.

The technology used in the Clewer system is a tested and proven solution for water recycling. It brings remarkable savings , recycling up to 90% of the water used. As well as being eco-friendly, meeting the requirements of the strictest legislation.

The R4000 series makes use of a closed process with a highly efficient water recycling system. An investment in the R4000 series will have a brief payback time not only through the savings that it will bring to the operator in the form of reduced water consumption but also through its reliability and ease of maintenance.

Clewer cleaning technology is based on a rotating bed biofilm reactor which provides you with

  • The highest degree of filling of carrier material on the market
  • The longest replacement interval for carrier material – up to 20 years
  • Optimal amount of oxygen
  • Water recycling rate up to 90%

Solids are separated from the water using a flotation process, which allows a higher recycling rate of water. Fresh water is used only for the final rinse!