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Manual Equipment

The InterClean WashMan system is a fast and low-cost solution that is ideal for cleaning heavy-duty vehicles before maintenance.

The most common combination of equipment is manual high-volume monitors and fire hoses, but the exact design and makeup of the equipment package depends on the customer’s cleaning needs. Using high-volumes of water and low pressure is a safe and efficient alternative to high-pressure hoses for removing build-up dirt off large areas of the vehicles.

The WashMan hose operates at a rate of 60 GPM at 100 PSI.
The stationary monitor operates at up to 200 GPM at 100 PSI.

Titan Pressure Washer

A Titan Pressure Washer can also be added to the equipment package.

This industry-first pressure washer can deliver up to 10 GPM at 1200 PSI, fed by a hydra-cell pump that works in conjunction with our patented water recycling system.

Examples of existing projects