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Bus Wash Systems

Our bus wash systems are fully automated systems that are easy to maintain and requires little manpower to operate.

All bus wash packages are custom designed from our three wash systems: completely touchless systems, brush wash systems, or a combination of both.

The bus wash systems are usually designed to incorporate our patented recycling module.

Hybrid Drive Through

In a hybrid drive-through wash system, the driver slowly drives through the bay while both stationary and movable wash components wash the bus.
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Bus Wash Systems | Hybrid Drive Through

XJ Drive Through

In an XJ drive-through bus wash system, a combination of high-pressure jets and brushes cleans the bus while the drives moves slowly through the bay.
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Bus Wash Systems | XJ Drive Through

Ultima Roll Over

In an Ultima roll-over wash system the bus is stationary and the gantry moves back and forth over the vehicle and complete multiple wash passes. Read more.